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Pixi is delivered with the MIT license for use in personal or open source projects.

We provide a commercial license with premium support to people that intend to use Pixi in their professional or commercial projects. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

Latest stable versions

Pixicharts 1.1.0, SHA-1: d8ff45ab33bf78d0eb19174b43ea64fe1168ef85

Piximaps 1.1.0, SHA-1: 216e1aa882dfc6784656ab43bc01a822858c1bb6

Old stable versions

Pixi Chart Libraries

Pixicharts 1.0.1, SHA-1: 19da8d84cc4651e4b18710354f806a365afde07d

Pixicharts 1.0.0, SHA-1: 4e4949675608832eaba42c4b30f4d0a5d84a99df,

Pixi Map Libraries

Piximaps 1.0.0, SHA-1: af8c14f27955172347ab4cd3e177243e2e91dd03,