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A collection of SVG Charts written in pure Javascript with no dependencies. A collection of SVG Country Maps written in pure Javascript with no dependencies. A collection of GIS Maps written in pure Javascript with no dependencies.

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Pixi is a stand-alone charting and mapping library. It is just plain Javascript. You don't need third-party libraries.

The distribution for making charts contains the two files required for your project: pixicharts.min.js and pixicharts.min.css, and a few html files as example.

The distribution for making maps contains two files too: piximaps.min.js and piximaps.min.css, a few html files as example, and a collection of SVG country maps in JSON format.

Download Pixicharts 1.1.0 Download Piximaps 1.1.0

Pixicharts SHA-1: d8ff45ab33bf78d0eb19174b43ea64fe1168ef85 Piximaps SHA-1: 216e1aa882dfc6784656ab43bc01a822858c1bb6

You can get Pixi documentation here.

Pricing Plans

These pricing plans cover a premium support for a period of 12 months.



one domain

This edition is intended to be deployed on a personal or a non-profit single web application.


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one domain

This edition is intended to be deployed on a single web application which is used internally within a single organization.



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multiple domains

This edition is intended to be deployed on unlimited web applications owned and operated internally by a single organization.



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SaaS / OEM

This edition is intended to be deployed on a hosted Software as a Service product or to be distributed within a commercial software or hardware product.



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Custom Development

This edition is intended to be customized to meet the requirements of the customer. Charts could be modified or new custom charts could be created.



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Pixi Commercial versions

Commercial versions cover a 12-month period of premium support. After expiration, you may renew the support per periods of twelve months.

Support Features Premium
Access to Pixi's online support services
Free support time 10 hours
Access to 1st line support
Update to minor relases within 1 year
Update to major relases within 1 year
Guaranted initial response time of 48 hours working days
Access to 2nd line support by core developers
Emergency hot fixes
Guiding and advice on implementing Pixi